Adventure Weekends

Join us on one of our weekends away
Guided Trail Riding – Hotel – Dinner - Breakfast & Lunches


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This is an exciting weekend covering 2 days trail riding and an overnight stay in a great hotel, it also includes dinner,  breakfast plus two ‘on the trail’ lunches.

We will be covering some of the best back roads and adventure bike trails Wales has to offer.

The support van transports your luggage, however we would advise you to carry tools and parts just in case.

We will start at Sweet Lamb at 9am where a briefing and assessment will take place.

Our qualified instructors will  accompany you over the weekend to help and advise as and when required. BUT!, if you’r already be a Riding God then they simply be your expert guides..

The details:

Cost £ 455 for the trail weekend away:

We will start and finish at Sweet Lamb
Our support van will transport your overnight luggage.

All you need is your own Adventure Bike

The terrain varies from gravel, rocks, fords and a tad of mud!
with some fantastic views.


Current Availability for Weekends Away Dates:

21st & 22nd May    – one place left

11th & 12th June    

6th & 7th August  

10th & 11th September

15th & 16th October  

This year we have even more to offer...

Three different level, to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Level 1. Sweeping.

If you don’t like dirt or gravel but love the road less travelled using the quiet narrow and exciting back roads through the mountains and hills.
Open to all bikes with any tyres. 100% tarmac but some roads will have gravel or grass in the middle

Level 2. Sauntering.

A weekend covering some of our best beautiful trails and minor roads focusing on views and remoteness.
This will include half a day offroad training/refresher on our Sweet Lamb site.
This is suitable for intermediate riders who have trail ridden before and novices. 50/50 tyres will be suitable

Level 3. Spirited.

You like riding your adventure bike on the challenging side of things but not an enduro! A few rocky sections here and there, but all rideable on medium and large adventure bikes.
Knobbles will be required such as TKC 80, E09, ANNAKEE WILD etc.  This is for the more experienced rider wanting a challenge.
This will not be for novices. There will be some trails that will be a real test of machine and rider.
We will start with a warmup ride around Sweet Lamb to get you into the groove.
Knobbly tyres are essential as much as the will for Adventure. Riders must be known to us or be able to demonstrate experience and skill levels

So What's it All About...

A Weekend Full of Fun & Smiles...

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