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One-to-One Training

tailored courses to advance all abilities

One-to-One training at Sweet Lamb, each day is specially designed to suit each individual rider, helping them to advance their specific abilities to the next level and beyond.

Our tailor-made One-to-One training is available to cover everyone from absolute beginners, intermediates through to experts and pro riders. We have a track record of proven success with riders of all abilities across the board.
If you have a specific goal or ambition our team will get you there.

Each rider will benefit from a full days tuition. We pack a huge amount into a single day, making sure you develop your skills quickly and comprehensively.

We guarantee results, and we guarantee you’ll have a great time learning.

Course Information

Prices for a single 1-2-1 training days is £275

With reduced rates for:

Subsequent sessions

Block courses

2-2-1 sessions


Price includes tea, coffee & biscuits, plus a packed lunch.

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